Om Jai Jai Maa

January 2019 Shakti Message

Dear Shakti Member,

This month we invite you to listen to the December call on a regular basis and observe your evolution.There is so much contained both in content and in energy in Maa’s call that Maa did not wish to offer another call this month, so that we can continue to receive the value, education, and energy from December’s call.

All the knowledge I am giving to you, if you even take this, only this recording, this speaking to you, once a month, let’s say, from now to April, because, as you know, I am going to Kumbh. Once a month, I ask you to listen to this….  so you can observe what is your, what is your evolution. What is happening? What have you understood from last time to today, to next month, to the month after? So, you will have a lot of information for your awakening in this call on purpose.

You may choose to journal on your observations. We will continue to work with the rich teachings in this call through March.

Creating a “Good body”

Please pay special attention to Maa’s remarks about the importance of creating a “good body.”  

Some actions Maa recommends in creating your “good body”:

  • Detoxing heavy metals
  • Juicing: Cucumbers, wild blueberries, melons, etc. (Please note, on an earlier call Maa recommend doing a juice fast one day a week.)
  • Bloodwork to check for viruses, particularly EBV

Take on any of these recommendations, plus others, that you see are supportive in creating a “good body” for yourself this month.

In addition, here is a resource – Sai Maa’s Principles for Vibrant Health – to further support you in cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

PDF link:

Divinize your Matter

Enjoy this guided audio meditation from Sai Maa, from The Path to the Luminous. In this 15-minute practice, Maa guides you through bringing light into your life – a practice of bringing light into the body that one can use in daily life to divinize and bring more vibrancy into the physical body.

Contracts & Purpose

Maa also speaks of the importance of “clearing contracts that do not serve you anymore.” In addition to clearing these contracts, Maa suggests that you revisit your contract for this lifetime, for today, and rewrite your contracts.

So, your contract is, look at the contract you have today and you may wish to revisit your contract, once a year, revisit your contract, whether it is with Maa, whether it is with whomever, revisit your contract. And maybe you write, you rewrite your contract with a different awareness, on every level, every level, so that when you wish to end the contract, there is no negative effect… negative effect in your field.” – H.H. Sai Maa

Do a review of your life and identify any “contracts” which no longer serve you and take actions to clear or bring these “contracts” to a close. Experiment with rewriting your “contract” and see what you discover about your purpose.

Some tools Maa has offered in the past to work with contracts include the Violet Flame, Archangel Michael’s Sword, and using the word “cancel” with clear intention. You may use any of these methods, or others that come to you in listening to Maa’s December call.