Today you’re going to be prepared directly from divine impulse to activate your divine impulse through your whole body. As you may recall me explaining that divine impulse is an aspect of the Divine Intelligence as Self, so gently start inhaling and exhaling on your own rhythm.

Inhale light above your head with your clear intent it’s activating your divine impulse, welcoming the Shakti inside of you.

Inhaling light within your brain, within the chakras, the subtle bodies. I may repeat this regularly. Inhale light, activating the divine impulse in all your organs, in all the glands, in all your bones, allowing the light of the divine impulse as a movement to move in your whole body. And remember light is a living substance, the divine impulse is alive within you.

So, allow the divine impulse in its light to come out of your pores, enlightening your vitality body, or your etheric body, your pranic body, so you be more vibrant. Vibrant with the divine impulse. Allowing the divine impulse to establish itself in its light into your emotional body, so your emotional body is of a much, much higher frequency. Your mental body, so your mind, your human mind becomes divine mind. Your senses are transmuted and move into higher frequency. So your energies are up around the brain, in the brain, around the head. So you have this golden aura, the golden halo around your head when I look at you. All your subtle bodies activated within the light of your divine impulse.

Light, light, light! Light, light, light. Self, Self. Act within the light, act with light. Act within Self, act with Self.

Again, light in front of you, light around your head, light in your brain, light under you, light on your sides, light behind you. Above you, light. You are now free to live a living life as light, free! Self is liberation, Self is freedom. Light is Self. Living life in the certainty you are life. Living light in total certainty you are light. Saturated with light, saturated with the essence of life, not the distorted life experience.

Feel my love for you, that pure, pure love. Saturate yourself with pure love. Embody yourself with pure, pure love. Surrender within yourself in that pure, pure love within your heart. Act love, create love.

God, God, God.

Grace, light, life.

Massive outpouring of light to serve you, to assist you, activating your divine impulse, activating the law within you. Fulfill your destiny, fulfill your destiny as a pillar of light. You serving the light, the light, the planet, the matrix, to support the planet to ascend into her realization, the Gaia. Spiritual revolution. You as a light being, as an embodiment of light, emanating, radiating, that love, that divine love, which is your essence.

Absolute, Absolute. Divine romance with the Absolute within you.