Endless love to you.

Your new reality.




Eternal light.




Vastness, of ocean of love.

The vast, vast ocean of love.


Inhaling the Supreme Self as you, blissfully in your enlightened awareness.

So complete.

The gift of surrendering to the light.

Surrender, dedication, devotion.

Your cosmic birth, your cosmic right.

For eons you’ve been waiting for this ananda state, for this blissful state. Today it’s right here at the tips of your fingers, in your awakened, enlightened state. Your light.

Omnipresence is your light. Love your light.

Your light transmits thought forms, and the more light, the more rays of light, your energy is more and more pure, more and more innocent. You heart, your mind, become so pure. Your love so pure. And all without the lower frequency of emotions. Higher frequencies start to be revealed to you, and with your dedication, your surrendering, your devotion, that state of being a mystic, which each of you carry, a mystic, you start to enjoy your light.

With this awareness, the realization you are light, your essence is light. A law, it’s a law. In the coherence, in the alignment, of your divine impulse, you step into the becoming of light again, consciously. Evolving consciously, as All That Is. You again, the eternal You again.

Your higher selves. Your radiant light.

In your personality, transforming, penetrating your personality, enlightening your personality, ascending through the mind are waves of light. Your thoughts, your feelings, in alignment with that Supreme Light within you. The coherence, the alignment, bring such a harmony, such a harmony, in your physiology, in your brain, from your brain, your nervous system, and everywhere else.

So … alignment, coherence, harmony, empowered as light, planetary transformation through your light, through you. Divine Light in Action, that’s you, Divine Light in Action. Making a difference as light.

Yes. Yes, you are a pure light