Great, great divine blessings to each and everyone.

This deep silence for 40 days is taking each and everyone into 40 days of light. Remember. Be a member again. Remember light.

As a multidimensional being, you are a light. You are light here in the third dimension, you are a light. Yes, as a light, you are moving toward the becoming consciously.

A living light. A pulsating light.

You as the being, as the being, you are moving toward the becoming. This is when you become the creator. Realize that you can do everything as light. In some journeys, some of you used to say to Maa, “Maa, there is so much light in my shower.” Yes, you can turn everything into light because the essence of everything is light.

The purity of your heart makes of you a conscious living light. You know, if it’s not about love and light, what will it be about? If it’s not about light and life, what will it be about? If it’s not about light, God, what will it be about? Yes, you are a light. Again and again you take birth in that wheel … to remember you as light. And when the birth is taken, the forgetfulness has taken over. Again and again I will be telling you, you are that light.

A movement of light. A creator of light. A thought of light.

When I work with you, it’s a light that comes out, it’s not thinking, it’s a light, within pure consciousness. You are being awakened to yourself, to yourself, as light.

Since the beginning you have been a light, you will be a light always. No one can take light away from someone else. There is no God that would take your light. The light can be covered, just like an onion, the light can be covered but not taken away.

So, start to enjoy light. Speak light. Feel light. Feel it. Taste light. Put light when you drink water, put light when you eat something, and you will start to be a manifestation of light. Start to imagine each thought will be a ray of light, a ray of light. And the more light comes out of you, the more healed you are. This is deep healing, profound healing, profound transformation. When your mind starts to be serene, filled with light, your mind is healed, and from that healing such a purity of light comes out of you, and you shine your light, you become a sun of light. You shine your light.

Be light, more and more consciously. Be movements of light, more and more consciously.

You as a creator of light. From the being to the becoming, consciously.

I love you so. Loving the light that I am.