Not complain about anything
We will never take our life for granted again
The universe is your mirror – whatever you present that is what the universe will show you
Law of resonance, law of attraction
Today I stop complaining – its a pattern
You will attract exactly what is deep inside / good or bad universe doesn’t know discernment in that
What are the qualities you wish to put out to these mirrors
Attract quantum organs
Attract agelessness

Engaging in the Work

  1. Maa asserts that we take our life for granted, that we have a pattern of complaining and invites us to make the following promise to ourselves:

I have everything in my life. From this very moment, I stop complaining”  and to be grateful for the life I have at any point of the day.

Are you willing to make this promise? If so, journal on what you discover after taking this on, or, if not, notice what is the energy keeping that pattern stuck.

  1. Maa states that the universe is a mirror reflecting in both the visible and the invisible what is within us.

Journal on Maa’s question: “What are the qualities you intend to put in the mirror right now?”

  1. How do see the Law of Attraction and the Law of Resonance at work in your life right now?