Om Jai Jai Maa

August Shakti Transmission Call 

On Saturday, August 25th Sai Maa offered a special transmission call to the Shakti Members.

Sai Maa requested that each person prepare to receive this Shakti transmission. The following guidelines are recommended to prepare for the first time you listen to the recording, if you were not on the call live.

  • Before listening, bathe or shower and wear clean clothing.
  • Eat lightly prior to the listening. Fasting is optional.
  • Spend time in silence and/or meditation before the call.
  • Plan your day to have time for silence and meditation after listening to the recording.


Enjoy this short video of a graphic created during the 2017 Global Unity Gathering showing what happens, vibrationally, when we create a goal and stay focused on it.

Bonus Content

Be Loyal to your Incarnation

When testing out a recording system, Sai Maa made this 3-minute audio recording. We felt it was so good that we asked Maa if we could share it with the Shakti Members… Maa agreed! Enjoy. 



Your conscious mind is a gateway for your body to manifest whatever you wish. Your subconscious mind is a gateway as well for you to experience the god that you are. There is nothing wrong with you, I have repeatedly said that. Nothing.

You are god itself. Don’t play the game of false humility, that you are worth nothing, there is nothing good about you, whatever.

Be loyal to you, be loyal to you and I am here, probably these are the last years you are going to see me teach or hear me teach, because the work I have to do is immense, it is beyond teaching.

How can I take humanity in global enlightenment if they do not change their paradigm, if they do not shift gear? Shift gear with me, don’t take me for granted, I am here, let’s work together, everything can happen to any of our bodies and this body can disappear. As you know travelling extensively that is what can happen any time any moment, so as we are still together, all of us, let’s work together. The work, let’s practice the work. And I say to you today, do not take life for granted, welcome life, be available to life, be grateful to life.

And since Fort Lauderdale [Global Unity Gathering]  I am taking you step by step in that place of quantum leap in your paradigm, shift your paradigm, create new paradigm, and be passionate about what you create, enthusiasm, the passion of life, be alive, enliven, that is what life is about. Don’t be a dead human being. You would have betrayed your incarnation. Be loyal to your incarnation. You have waited for so long for that incarnation.

I love you so.
Om Jai Jai Jai Maa