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Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Dear Ones, 

Welcome to the Power in Your Minds!

I am so so pleased to welcome you to enter your MIND. It is such an honor to be with you as you create the life of your desires in the coming six months. On this journey, you are going to experience a phenomenal transformation, a change of your paradigm.

This is a committed decision you have made. I promise you, this is a life-changing decision. Each and every day for the next six months you will be enveloped in Grace as you fully engage in your own individual work. I will take you through the depths of what I have experienced in my life and share this with you, a golden experience for you. Where no-thing and no-one can prevent you from living a life of abundance and fulfillment from within.

Do not waste this opportunity! These next six months are life-changing and it is up to you to dedicate yourself to your own work together as the program unfolds. What are your goals? What would be fulfilling on a soul level? What are your desires? We will develop higher qualities of the mind, Divine qualities of the mind. And use the power of the mind to create the future you desire – by you.

You as a personality must activate these powers and use them. You were born with them. Create a new life experience where you live in the Law of Opulence, Law of Abundance. I am infinity grateful for this opportunity to be with you – together in this magnificent energy.

With endless love,

Your Ever, 

How to engage with this course —

Once registered and the course has launched, each week you will receive:

  1. A written message from Maa
  2. A short video recording from one of the teachers
  3. A longer audio recording from Maa
  4. An exercise

Sai Maa designed this course to transform our lives on every level, through the practice of repetition. Each week, we invite you to read Maa’s message repeatedly, watch the teacher video, listen to Maa’s audio daily or as often as possible, and engage 100% in the exercise. The more we repeat each piece of content, the more benefit we will receive.

This program is a commitment, and the more we put into the course, the more we will get out of it. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Enjoy your journey into the phenomenal power of the mind!

New content will become available each Sunday at midnight EST.

You will have access to the lessons until a week after your course ends.