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Om Jai Jai Sai Maa 

My Beloved, 

Yes, planetary karma is cleansed. Yet, humans still live in their limited belief system.  I have spoken about how Lucifer is back in the light, and yet people are still living in the memory of Lucifer. Why are people not being enlightened? Because they are living in the memory of the known past. They are not living in the knowingness of the projection of who they are in the future. 

For the longevity work that is coming, I can’t allow you to be in the memory of your stuff. 

Come out of the memory of the memory that you are attached to. The memory of karma is an idea you are attached to. What does that mean? That means that you are living in the memory of only what you know. My role will be to bring you closer and closer to your perfect body, closer to your quantum DNA, and so, so much more. Every single sparkle of light which is in your biology, bringing that closer to your awareness. 

What do I see? People who have been my students for years should be enlightened. Why are they not? Because they still function today with a belief system that doesn’t fit anymore. Living in a limited system of thinking. 

My game is to take these three months and take you out of that limitation. 

I’m ready for those who are willing, who don’t doubt my work. Who know the work of ascension of consciousness, ascension of matter. Who are ready to be in joy and do the work. To step into the Enlightened You. 

Your Ever,

Other titles this program could be called:

Quantum DNA Release of Your Magnificence

The Intelligence of Your Heart

The Intelligence of Your Perfect Body

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Here’s to an extraordinary journey into The Enlightened You!