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“I invite you to really take the Shakti calls. I am activating the Shakti calls for this birthday [August 2019] to next birthday [August 2020], with Indra, with Yagyas, with your presence… Listen to them again and again; they are being activated right now.”
~ H.H. Sai Maa, 2019 Birthday Discourse

The Level 1 Shakti calls contain precious wisdom that, when applied, will completely transform your life. Hear directly from Sai Maa and Maa’s teachers on the latest in the evolution of humanity, the cutting edge of Maa’s energetic work… all to acquire knowledge and be uplifted through the direct transmission of energy via these calls.

The Shakti Calls Level 1 contains:

  • 7 recorded calls from Sai Maa
  • 3 teacher-led webinar recordings
  • A video and audio recording of the Shakti meeting with Sai Maa at the 2019 Global Unity Gathering