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Welcome to the Creation Matrix!

The culmination of years of H.H. Jagadguru Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi Mishra’s work, the Creation Matrix is designed to help you explore your true nature, ignite intense awakenings, and live a more enlightened life. From releasing the divine perfection in our DNA, to piercing the veil and experiencing the reality of ourselves, this is an extraordinary program.

What You Can Expect:

Curated from the weekend intensive held on April 12-14, 2019, the Creation Matrix has 75 video segments that focus on specific lessons. The program includes suggested questions for inquiry, practices for empowering your divine self, and guided meditations for understanding and embodying the quantum body.

How this course works: 

Like a good Netflix TV show, this course can be consumed quickly, going from video to video, or savored slowly over a period of time. Each lesson contains a video with a specific focus. The video segments go through the weekend intensive chronologically. 

This is a course you can engage with again and again, by reviewing the course as a whole or revisiting your favorite lessons. We invite you to allow Sai Maa’s teachings and shakti (divine creative energy) to do its work, awakening us from the illusion of the dream world we call reality and reclaiming our perfection on the other side of the veil—ultimately tapping into and creating our lives “here and there” from, and with, the Creation Matrix.

Course Outline

Session 1. Friday evening (14 lessons)  

Sai Maa exhorts us, challenges us, demands us to “step up,” to “grow up” and step into our enlightenment. Maa introduces us to our Quantum Body and its perfection. In the final lesson, Maa brings our Quantum Body closer through chanting and dancing.

Session 2. Saturday morning (20 lessons)  

This session begins by diving right into our multi-dimensionality with “I am here, I am there.” Maa invites us to deepen into our relationship with our own higher self, our Quantum DNA, and activate our pineal gland; culminating with a powerful meditation with the Great Silent Watcher. 

Session 3. Saturday afternoon (15 lessons)  

Understand different facets of the teachings on the veil, our Quantum Body, Gaia, manifestation, and more… through mind-expanding questions and Maa’s epic responses. Maa focuses in on the veil and how to move through the veil, knowing we are on the other side.

Session 4. Saturday evening (18 lessons)  

Beginning with the next level of practice of working with our Quantum Body and realizing ourselves as a being of light, Maa then responds to a number of questions about the veil – where it is, how do we know we are on the other side of it, and more. The session continues with deepening our understanding and experience of the veil and its role in our lives, and completes with a powerful, deep chant, inviting us to experience pure consciousness at the core of our being. 

Session 5. Sunday morning (8 lessons)  

In this culminating session, Maa passionately invites us to step into who we are, into our purpose and live from a quantum paradigm. This includes taking care of our body and remembering our essence. The session and the entire course concludes with a Darshan from Sai Maa and a potent reminder of how loved we are. 

We recommend you have a journal devoted to your reflections and insights throughout the course.