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There is an immense opportunity for you, are you ready to unleash yourself? Are you ready to be a co-creator of this incredible life?
There are powerful practices that can serve and support you in that!

In this 5 hours workshop guided by Mahamandeleshwar Dayanand Das Maharaj you will learn and practice Kriyas, working with the Kundalini Shakti within us.

Kriyas are advanced yogic and tantric practices of meditation, breath, focused intention and light. Kundalini Shakti is the divine feminine creative power that creates all that is. This Shakti resides in our physical body, awaiting to serve us.

These practices will empower you to:

  • Balance the divine feminine and masculine energies within you
  • Work with the Kundalini Shakti to awake and illuminate yourself and your energy
  • Advance and juice up your meditation and spiritual practice
  • Unleash your creativity and liberate yourself

Recording now available for purchase.  (Originally recorded on  Saturday, October 31, 2020.)

For a taste of working with Kriyas and the Kundalini Shakti listen to this meditation with Dayanand Das Maharaj

Mahamandaleshwar Mahant 108 Acharya
Dayanand Das Maharaj

Tel Aviv, Israel

An international spiritual teacher and the founder of Shiviti, school for conscious evolution and the Shiviti-Yoga method. Dayanand Das Maharaj guides people all over the world to fulfil their inner potential and become the masters of their lives. For more than 25 years, he has developed his mastery in the esoteric spiritual practices from Hebrew and Hindu traditions, including pranayama, Kriya light work, mantra, and meditation. Being a close disciple of H.H Sai Maa he was initiated in 2019 into the revered position of a Mahamandaleshwar in the spiritual Visnu Swami lineage in India. He is also the founder of the Shiviti Center in Tel Aviv and personally trains teachers all over the world.