Om Jai Jai Maa

Great, Great love. Divine blessings to each and every one joining this journey to you as you. A course of the way within, as spirit. It has been my dream and desire for a long time to spend 40 days with you. I know the importance of a 40 days’ work. And I do request that you commit yourself with this work every day. Thank you.

In that greatest spiritual awakening time, we are now moving beyond duality. Beyond the limited human-hood. Beyond opposites. Yes, rising above the wounded ego. Realizing the illusion and come out of it, so one can start living the alchemy poised in the human and non-human experience. In the state, state of the Presence. From which a unique well-beingness arises. Being in this world, but clearly knowing not of this world.

You see, it is not possible to heal the 3rd dimension, the maya, the great maya, which is not separate from all that is. So, as it is not possible to live in illusion, as reality, or real, or truth, or source, yet it is possible to come out of it. With the knowledge and wisdom, you can be in this world, but not of this world.

Just imagine the planet, as well as all her inhabitants, are moving into the great spirit. Meaning, moving into a creative expression of you, as spirit. In this world, known as the third dimension, shifting into a different realm, to live in another realm, meaning to live in love. In light. In spirit. With a new attitude, with a new behavior. A greater understanding of yourself as a spiritual being of love.

A spiritual being of light, wishing the greatest good for all, no matter what. Know that your home is not of this world, as well as my home is not of this world. We are stars experiencing our spirit in physical bodies. We are Self.

Due to matter, or gross energy, the forgetfulness is very present. As you know, when there is forgetfulness, there is also remembrance. So now, now it’s an awesome, fabulous exciting moment. This moment is happening. Anticipating that journey to remember, to be a member again of that eternity. Activating the law of nature from which life of love, wisdom of love, life of wisdom, is embracing all of us. All of us.

A moment in its’ infinitude as choiceless choice, where the Mahavakya, the All That Is, manifests itself as spirit. As infinite love. Pure love. Pure compassion. Pure compassion is spirit. So is our essence. The time has come for each and every one to be an expression. A full expression of that magnificence. That magnificent essence which is immortal. Yes, so here we are a sublime essence covered with the density; forbidding, preventing, one to remember that supreme life called eternity.

Well, it could be, you may say to me…”Oh no Maa, I know I am that I am.” So then tell me, how is it you are not more committed to that? Contemplate this sentence tonight. 24 hours contemplate.

How is it you are not more committed than that? How is it you allow the ego energy, or the energy called ego takes over? How is it you allow this? How is it you allow the ego to guide, to master your life experience? Tell me. How is it you turn your back from light? Ponder.

Of course, with all sort of excuses and justifications, you feel you are right. Only to stay in that stagnated, hypnotic world. Only to be stagnated in the worldly, hypnotic, gluey energy. Known to our senses for the sake of sensation. Embedded. Impregnated. Impregnated with the fear of the so-called unknown. Unknown for the limited human mind.

Where is the commitment? Take a moment. Where is the commitment? What has happened to that commitment? The engagement we took before our incarnation. Where is the contract we created with our self, for our own sake? Promising to our self, we will care for our own enlightenment. We will care for our self.

So let us work together. Really together, heart in heart. Realize we have a responsibility to care for our self. To ask our self a question. Where do I come from? Where do I go from planet earth? What is my purpose? Do I respect my commitment? Do I respect my vow to myself?

Do I engage myself in the power which dwells within me? That power of life. That treasure. Ponder. Contemplate. Create a journal where you start writing the questions, and answer the questions.

With the greatest caring from my heart. Full of love. In the oneness of who we are, I salute you, from our real home, the Source of all that is.

Om Jai Jai Maa
Om Jai Jai Maa
Divine blessings to you, Beloveds.
Thank you.