In the grace of light, in the grace of divine love, in the grace of life, welcome beloveds of light, welcome. Welcome to the path of light, to the 40 days of light. I know you have been waiting, I know that. And here I am, with you, for you, together in the oneness consciousness of light.

Every day for 40 days we will be enjoying light, resisting light, birthing in light, becoming light, choosing light, acknowledging light, playing with light. Playing, yes – playing with light. We have entered a cosmic journey. We have entered a journey of light, an era of light. We have entered that phase on planet Earth where we become aware of the legacy; the legacy to the new civilization, a legacy of light, a legacy of eternal light.

Let us take a breath together, a breath with the awareness of being an embodiment of light. Another breath. A breath which embraces the light, a breath of knowingness of the light, a breath of acknowledgment of the light. Eventually, a breath of accepting the light. A greater breath, a deeper breath, of welcoming the light. Yes, a deeper, deeper breath of living the light. A breath of your whole being, with your whole being, from your whole being, to be a being of light. Light, light, light, divine light, divine light! Yes, divine light.

My dearest love, these 40 days will take you to the enlightenment awareness; enlightenment, moksha, this white light of moksha state. I hear the question, “Why do I see white light during workshop or in Maa’s presence?” Beloved, well before the creation of form there was only white light, and moksha is that state before creation, the manifested creation. So you, you are this pure light, that is your essence, before the creation of form. There is only one way to be in that state: consciously merge with that light, consciously bring that light in everyday activity, consciously breathe the light. It’s about evolving consciously to the becoming of you as a creator. Breathe in every breath the light, feel the light in every feeling, feel the presence of light within you, and unite yourself as a personality or as the ego with that light. Feel the Presence of God within you and unite yourself with that Presence.

Now God is Self, God is that divinity, God is life, God, that pure consciousness. When I will speak of God these 40 days it’s not about a religion, it’s about the Presence within you. Self, love, spirit, light, omnipresence, light, pure consciousness, light, unified field, light, absolute, light, eternal light, deathless, birthless, light, immortal, eternal light.